Devon Camper Hire Customer Reviews5 Sep 2019

We’ve met some amazing people taking Boris & Bertha on their campervan adventures!

We continue to get some awesome feedback from our intrepid camper hire customers. Take a look below at some of the lovely reviews we’ve received on TripAdvisor.

Campervan Hire October 2019

Like many of our camper hire customers, this couple wanted to rent a campervan as they were thinking of buying their own. They had a “try before you buy” week in the middle of October.

cotswolds campervan trip

Campervan Hire September 2019

This customer took a camper and her very cute French Bulldogs all the way to Scotland for a week in September.

scotland campervan trip

Campervan Hire August 2019

These camper hire customers originally booked with us in 2018. Unfortunately they had to cancel their trip but used the deposit to book a campervan adventure to Cornwall in August 2019

Campervan Hire August

Campervan Hire July 2019

These customers hired Bertha the camper for a few days down on the Cornish coast during July.

Campervan Hire July

Honeymoon Campervan Hire June 2019

This lovely young couple took a campervan (and their dog, Elvis) down to Cornwall for their honeymoon in June.

Honeymoon Campervan Hire

5 Night Campervan Hire June 2019

These first time campervan adventurers hired Boris for 5 nights in June

5 Night Campervan Hire

Campervan Hire Glastonbury Festival June 2019

These groovy campers took Bertha to Glastonbury Festival for 5 nights in June.

camper hire glastonbury festival

Campervan Hire Wedding Anniversary June 2019

These happy campers booked Boris the campervan to celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary and attend The Cricket World Cup in June.

camper hire wedding anniversary

Campervan & Bike Rack Hire May 2019

This Father & Son team took Bertha and a cycle rack for a few days of mountain biking in the West Country.

campervan and bike rack hire

Campervan & Awning Hire April 2019

These happy customers hired Bertha and the driveaway awning for a trip to the Roseland Peninsular in April.

campervan and awning hire

Campervan Hire Surprise 40th Birthday April 2019

This lovely couple booked Boris the campervan as a surprise gift for the husband’s 40th birthday in April.

camper hire birthday surprise

Camper Hire Cornwall March 2019

These returning customers and their dog, Vinny, took Bertha the campervan, an awning and cycle rack for a week long, early Spring break to Cornwall in March.

campervan hire in march

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