Moor fun in the campervan24 Apr 2017

Moor fun in the campervan

Moor-Fun-CampervanWe are totally spoiled where we live – spectacular views of Dartmoor, and less than an hour to either north or south coast beaches. The Moor is our nearest bit of wild England and every time we go we are blown away by just how epic it is (epic is such an overused word these days, but honestly, it’s really very appropriate in this context!).

Feeling sheepish

We’re only 15 minutes from the Moor, maybe a teeny bit less, so it’s really easy to ‘pop’ out for a mini adventure in the camper.  There are always signs to remind humans to be aware of the ponies, but at this time of year, there are also lots of reminders about lambs in the road. This is a common scene for us in late winter/early Spring – we often see mischievous little lambs escaping from their fields on our regular dog walks at home. Husband laughs at me as I worry about them getting lost, but the minute a human gets a little bit too close, off they skip through the gate and they have no trouble finding mummy again. We are very careful with our Small Dog around the sheep (although she couldn’t care less about them, not interested at all – which is good), as are our visitors. It’s  awful to think of these lovely creatures being worried by dogs – however much we adore our canine companions we are realistic about their nature and are mindful they are the farmers livelihood.

Bunking off, Devon style

Anyway, I digress… Surprisingly, we had a random spare afternoon – no visitors, no work that couldn’t wait. So, we thought we’d take the Small Dog and Small Person for some fresh air and a play on the Moor – not to mention getting some light exercise for the middle aged Grown Ups!

We called in at our local shop on the way to pick up a couple of pasties (actually Cornish, not Devonshire) and that’s all we needed. We tend to always have a stash of tea and coffee supplies in the camper…most helpful for these impromptu outings. It really did feel like we were playing truant – or ‘bunking off’ to give it a technical term! We didn’t have much of a plan – just head off in a southerly direction and do a bit of a right. Before long we came to a lovely little area where we could pull over and have our pasties and watch the locals (ie the sheep and their lambs) go about their business – wandering across the lane, looking at the campervan and the couple of cars parked next to us with a look of mild interest mixed with disdain! Once again we were glad purposefully decided against a long wheelbase campervan – definitely the best option with the West Country lanes and little parking areas we need to navigate our way round – as Husband says, even I can manage it!

The pasty problem

The problem with pasties is you have to do something to counteract the pasty effect ie a tight waistband. So off we went up the hill. In the distance we saw some hardcore ramblers – with tents and maps – the whole works! Husband remarked that he didn’t much fancy pitching a tent in the particular ground we were walking on – so much rock!  Campervans are definitely the way forward. As we came over the brow of the hill we marvelled at the vast expanse of moorland in front of us…it really does go on for ever, or so it seems. We also saw what we thought was an odd standalone bush of sorts, but as we got closer, it moved. It was a very dark brown Dartmoor pony, who was hardly moving as he was so preoccupied with his snack!  We tried to spot our house in the distance, and when we turned back the pony had disappeared, either that or he was so well camouflaged we didn’t see him!

Back to reality

Sadly reality called when Husband received an email which needed a bit more thought than he could give whilst enjoying nature… We were somewhat perplexed that we had better mobile phone signal on the Moor than we do at home, but then we realised it might have something to do with being higher up! We pottered back down the hill, so,Ethan reluctantly. Small Dog had been thoroughly enjoying all the sniffs and smells, and Small Person nodded off as soon as the engine started, so we went the ‘even more scenic’ scenic route… The email could wait a little bit longer!

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