A Bude-iful afternoon in the campervan1 May 2017

A Bude-iful afternoon in the campervan 

Bude-Campervan-TripA couple of weeks ago we had some glorious spring weekend weather in Devon…the Saturday was just beautiful. Warm sunshine, clear blue skies – the view across to Dartmoor from our kitchen was crystal clear. We had some bits to do around the house so we thought we’d go on a family outing in the campervan to the beach on the Sunday.

The art of campervanning

I’m a north coast girl at heart so I suggested to Husband that we go to Bude. Husband duly sorted the camper – car seat for the Small Person, and bed for the Small Dog. I made a picnic and packed far too much stuff for the Small Person – best to have too much than not enough! We’ve learned to prepare for 4 seasons in one day, and we pride ourselves on making every campervan outing as comfy as possible – it’s a bit of an art form! The joy of the camper is that provisions stay nice and fresh in the fridge and there is plenty of space for Small Person (and grown up/canine) paraphernalia.

So, we finally leave the house – sunglasses on, windows down – beautiful! We couldn’t believe how warm it was for early spring.

Not so Bude-iful after all….

We get to Bude…. Well, what a difference! It was freezing. And I mean freezing! Clearly lots of people had the same idea as us and fancied a trip to the beach. There were lots of shorts and flip flops being worn – by people who were obviously rather chilly.

We did feel a little bit smug as we had our picnic in our warm cosy camper! Small person was very happy to not have to go into the very cold public loo for a nappy change, and Small Dog was happily curled up on her bed.

Fresh (err, understatement!) air is good for you

We did of course have a lovely walk on the beach – fortunately we’d brought various items of clothing and were sensibly dressed (‘being prepared’ is not just for scouts!). Amusingly we heard people ‘exclaiming vigorously’ that they couldn’t believe how cold it was and how lovely the weather was where they’d just come from – which was just around the corner from us – we knew exactly what they meant!

We love the beach in any weather – especially the north cost with its dramatic coastline and surf. At this time of year there are very few dog restrictions, so the Small Dog had great fun and we love seeing doggies enjoy the beach. There were lots of hardy surfers and body boarders, plenty of picnics under blankets and in tents and even a couple of games of cricket going on (I suspect this was more about keeping warm, ha!). Bude has a wonderful, and rather groovy, natural sea pool and there were one or two swimmers taking advantage of it not being particularly busy. There was also a surf lesson taking place – such a great idea to learn the basics in the calm safety of the pool before getting in the open water and getting a faceful of wave!

After our somewhat ‘bracing’ walk we headed back to the camper and headed home. And yes, the sun was just about still shining as we pulled in to the drive….

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